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Our Beekman C.O.P.A. base plus Beekman Avocado Oil makes this soap extra emollient, and an excellent choice for rough, dry skin. A Rosemary-Lavender essential oil blend is light, mildly woody and crisp. A great shaving bar, too.

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Our Beekmans COPA base makes this soap extra emollient. It’s an excellent choice for rough dry skin. Also its mildly woody with rosemary and relaxing with lavender. A crisp bar that’s great for shaving and conditioning hair. If you want luxuriousness this will do the trick. Part of our Beekman’s COPA Soaps emollient collection.

(Rosemary Oil when applied on the scalp can help to stimulate hair growth. It can be useful in the treatment of dandruff and dry scalp.)


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Almond Oil.

Essential Oils: Avocado Oil, Lavender SP Oil, Rosemary Oil, Marjoram Oil.


How to Use:

Bath/Shower, Lather up & rinse.

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